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Property Transactions

Fixed Fees, no hidden costs
Low Prices
Friendly Lawyers & Staff
Reliable Service
Property Lawyers since 1991

We aim to give everyday people and investors easy access to transact their properties. That's why our costs are kept low so you enjoy the savings.

It's a fact that not all transactions procees smoothly. That's why having an experienced Senior Lawyer is important.

Our Senior Lawyers have more than 20 years experience handling property transactions so you have peace of mind that your property matter is carried out smoothly.

We are panel Lawyers for the major Banks.

For all your property needs, we handle:

  1. SALE and PURCHASE of
      HDB properties (resale flats, shophouses)
      Private Residential properties
      Commercial properties (Shop, Office, Industrial)
  2. Bank Mortgages & Loan documents
  3. Tenancy, all Landlord & Tenant matters
  4. Property Disputes and all Property matters


Litigation, Disputes & Court Matters

Our Litigation Lawyers are Senior Lawyers with 20 or more years of legal experience..

We take a tough approach to put you in the strongest position to achieve a favorable outcome.

Our long experience combined with our legal strategy is powerful and effective:
  1. We press your case forward to get the the best outcome.
  2. We find the best / most cost effective answer to your legal dispute.

We represent landlords with substantial property holdings and reputable businesses well known in the commercial world. We also represent private clients. Every single matter is treated with privacy and discretion.

Our Senior Litigation Lawyers handle all types of Disputes & Court cases including:

  • Debt claims, Debt recovery, Contract Disputes
  • Divorces & all Family Law matters
  • Deceased Estate matters & Applications to Court to handle Deceased's Assets
  • Property-related Disputes (includes Landlord/Tenant Disputes)
  • Criminal Law matters (Criminal Charges, Appeals)
  • Insurance matters (Motor Accidents, Industrial Accidents)
  • Corporate Litigation (includes Shareholder, Partnership disputes)



Protect Your Assets and Loved Ones

The good news is Singapore's life expectancy has increased to 82 years.

Now, the 'bad' news: Singapore has a rapidly aging population.

From 2012, nearly 25% of Singaporeans will turn 65 years old, retire and leave the workforce. You may be one of them, or your loved ones may be one of them.

The reality: Most people reading this will do absolutely nothing.

The really Smart people manage life's uncertainty as best as they can by planning, for the present, the future and when they are no longer around.

The bottom line:

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Doing nothing means failing to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Wills & Deceased Estate Law


Making a Will means you are leaving clear instructions on how your assets are to be shared and distributed upon death. But if you do not have a Will, the State will decide the distribution of your assets according to the Law. You don't get to decide, the Law decides for you.


When a loved one has passed away, leaving behind cash, shares real estate and other types of assets/property (all these are called "the Deceased's Estate"), we apply to Court for the Deceased's Estate is to be distributed under Singapore Law.

Mental Capacity Cases


Dementia, Alzheirmer's, Coma, Mental illness, Stroke, Sickness, Accidents etc can take away a person's mental capacity to make decisions.

When your loved ones lack the mental capacity or cannot take care of their personal welfare, property or finances, we apply to the Court so that the personal and financial interests of your loved ones are looked after.


The Lasting Power of Attorney ("L.P.A.") is a Legal document. You get to choose a trusted person(s) to act for you in your personal welfare (including healthcare decisions), property and financial decisions, in case you lose your mental capacity.


Accidents can happen anytime to anyone (resulting in loss of mental capacity) A L.P.A. protects you if / when you lose mental capacity.

Express Legal Documents

POWER OF ATTORNEY (For HDB & Private Property)

Go online to prepare Power of Attorney

When you are BUYING, SELLING, RENTING out your property (Private or HDB) and like to entrust someone else to act on your behalf, we can prepare a Power of Attorney for you.


Go online to prepare your Will -

A Will enables you to put your personal affairs in order and leave clear instructions on how your assets are distributed to loved ones.


We prepare a legal document to make changes to your name.



Witnessing & Certifying of Documents


As Senior Lawyers, we are appointed by Singapore Authorities as:


We are licensed to WITNESS and CERTIFY all documents to be used overseas in Foreign countries.

We have the power to give Notarisation, Legalisation, Apostille and issue Notarial Certificates.


We are licensed to WITNESS and CERTIFY all documents, affidavits, affirmations, statutory declarations.